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I have plenty to spare.

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I'm your average desert dwelling, coffee guzzling writer who loves connecting people with their authentic story. Writing about yourself can strike fear into even the most ardent of entrepreneurs. And total honesty here, finding the right words to talk about your business - well, it can be pretty darn intimidating!  If you are tired of staring at a flashing cursor against the blank screen, then you are in the right place.

I'm a copywriter for creative entrepreneurs who want their brand voice to make an impact. And my words...they know just what to say.

I’m Amber, a passion-driven people person with a high daily word quota. 

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it's like voice lessons but for your brand.

1-1 Mentoring


Leveraging your brand voice with a message that has maximum impact

BRand Strategy


Copy that connects your story with dreamy clients 

Website Copy


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Sadly, I can't copyright your killer new business idea, but I can write your website copy when you launch that new biz! 

Copy just means the words on the page. Simple in concept, but a little more complex when it comes to finding the right ones to use.  

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I'm Killing it!

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When it comes to writing about your business... 

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The internet's a noisy place. When your brand says something with impact, people notice. 

Now that you've got 'em to your have 8 seconds to keep them there.
So what are you going say that makes them stay?

Words matter. How you use them matters more. 

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