h! Hey you! I am pleased as punch that you have found your way to my little corner of the internet. (You've got great taste by the way.) 
The buzz on the street is that you're looking to polish up your brand with some words that will really make it sparkle.

I take your brand, extract your message, infuse it with panache that sells (without sounding sleazy), and make your target market fall in love with you. 


Are you lost for words? No problem. I have plenty to sPare.

And my words…they know how to say just the right thing. 

I’m Amber Lea- a word-wrangling grammar goddess and washed up opera singer with a high daily word quota...

Still trying to figure out what it is that I do?

I listen. I learn about you, your brand and what makes you unique, then I dress it up with some words that make you shine like the star you are. 


When it comes to writing about yourself and your business...

i'm killing it!

It's killing me!

i wish it would die already!

                 e live in a world where everyone is shouting his or her message. Be the one in your field that is actually saying something! 



I’ll help your message find its voice so you can focus on your business. 

Everyone is talking. Let your voice be the one cutting through all the noise. 

ways to work with me

You got them to your site. Yeah, Tiger! 
Now, you have 8 seconds to keep them there. 

Words matter. how you use them matters more.


©amber lea russell | 2020