People who know me well just call me Amber. Creative Copywriter + Brand Strategist & Storyteller 

I believe stories have the power to connect and the power to sell ideas. That’s why my approach to conversion copywriting is focused on telling your story.

I support creative entrepreneurs in crafting brand stories that connect and inspire, instead of just filling up the blank space on a page.

Connection is that sweet little spot where your people find their story within the words of your story.

And friends, that’s my specialty.

I'm Amber Lea!

hi friend!

but Somewhere around Junior High, I figured out I could just use the first half of my name... 

Chef! I've binged watched Chopped, so I'm totally ready!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream. I'm addicted.

Styling products for curly hair. If you know, you know. 

Professional opera singer (albeit a bit rusty) one).

Beach. But I never say no to the mountains.

Brown Eyed Girl. HonestlyAnything Van Morrison.

alternate job

Guilty pleasure

take my money

secret talent

Beach / Mountains

Personal Jam

Writing has always been a part of me...

My Story

Since I was a young girl I have loved words. From carefully bound books stored on the family bookshelves to some especially titillating love stories during my early teen years (Dear Lord, let those be lost to time and history), and some much more mature writing for nonprofits in my early twenties, words and stories have long been my creative outlet.

But more than words, helping others feel seen and heard is where my passion lies. Using years of experience in writing, coupled with training in conversion copywriting, marketing, and running a few businesses of my own, I help entrepreneurs unlock that special something (their story!) that connects them with the people who need to hear it.

Just like you,

I know what it’s like to run a business built on passion and dedication.

So let’s take all your beautiful talent and weird quirky things that feel like they would never fit together and craft a brand story that connects and converts in the process.

This guy.

Just a few of the things that I can't live without.


These people. 


Plants upon plants


Footloose & shoe Free


Roughly 75% of my Instagram feed serves as a Jon Russell fan page so it's safe to say he's my fav. 17 years of doing this thing and we're aiming for 100 more. 

5 kids is a lot, but they're cute right? And while I'm arguably biased, they are pretty cool kids too. 

There's a 10/10 chance that I am barefoot right now. 

It may be the undoing of my marriage, as finding surfaces to keep all my leafy friends lit and happy is stretching my husband's patience. But, I think I still have room for juuust one more. 

A little peek into my world

Love it

Leave it

Dogs. Lots of dogs (we have 4!)


Coconut Thai Green Curry

Whiskey. Neat.

Rainstorms in the desert.

Stevie Nicks

Doing the dishes.


White wine.

Small talk.

Stubbed pinkie toes :( The. Worst.


The internet's a noisy place. When your brand says something with impact, people notice. 

Now that you've got 'em to your have 8 seconds to keep them there.
So what are you going say that makes them stay?

Words matter. How you use them matters more. 

Arizona & worldwide




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Amber Lea Russell