reluctant desert dweller, married to a solar-loving engineer (translation: he’s in heaven out here among the cacti), and mom to four brilliant, exceptionally good looking, and delightful children (Well, maybe ... but I am in the business of making things sound pretty, so we’ll stick with that story shall we?).

I have always loved stories. Hearing them, telling them, reading them⎼stories connect you to something deeper. My writing background is in nonprofit development where I learned that the most successful campaigns came when the story connected people to the event. Later as a wedding photographer I fell in love with writing about my couples as much as I enjoyed photographing them. The more I wrote, the more I realized that words have the power to build relationships: to change hearts and to sell ideas. My favorite kind of writing is the one that gives entrepreneurs voice to their message.  Let's get your brand talking so you can spend your valuable time on things that matter⎼like puppy snuggles, good books, and binge-watching Netflix. 

Meet Me

I'm amber lea russell and I'm here to make you look good.

Fueled by grace and lots of coffee, you'll usually find me with a notebook in one hand and a laptop balanced on my knees. I love Whole Foods, my hot hubby, and tacos. But not necessarily in that order.  



Amber Lea

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we all have quirks, here are a few of mine:

I love nicknames. All my kids have them. I haven't called my husband by his actual name since we were dating, and even then, I called him by both his first and last name (still do when referring to him in conversation). Stick around long enough and I'll slap one on you too. 


I am obsessed with British television: crime dramas, baking shows, period shows and all things royal family. After a particularly invested Netflix binge, I usually dream in a British accent. I am waiting for it to manifest itself in everyday speech, but so far all I can manage is a bad Madonna impersonation. 

British Television

Hey! Where my curly hair girls at? I have hundreds (maybe thousands, but my husband reads this, so I'll underestimate) of dollars in curly hair products living under my sink. This girl can barely wear make up, but I will throw some serious money at hair care. Hit me up if you have a fav I should try, what's one more bottle to add to my never-ending collection? 

Curls Galore

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