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Learning To Let Go The Humbling that Comes with Motherhood I live for the moments where he starts talking to me about his thoughts and ideas. They always come after longs spells of silence. My inner dialogue is constantly reminding myself, “Shut up, lady! Let his words come at his own pace!” Yet, I can’t […]

Learning to Let Go | Motherhood

The author with her son before she had to learn to let him go and be independent.

What’s in A Brand Story? Before you dive into writing your brand story it’s important to know what a brand story IS NOT: It’s not the logo or your carefully chosen colors. It’s not that clever tagline or elevator pitch for prospective clients. Your brand story influences those things for sure, but its origins go […]

What’s In a Brand Story and How to Write Yours

Womans hands are typing her brand story on a laptop

Building an Identifiable Brand Starts with Having a Clear Voice  Six Tips for Finding Your Brand Voice Brand Voice is a pretty hot buzzword. You’ve probably heard it thrown around your circle of business friends. But most creative entrepreneurs aren’t sure what it means to have a brand voice for their business. Ask yourself this: […]

Six Tips to Finding Your Brand Voice

Writer sitting on a bed with a computer

5 Ways to Improve Your About Page “This has to be the hardest thing to write in the history of…well, ever!” – That’s the opening to an email I received last week with the subject line, HELP, written out in all caps. They weren’t wrong! Writing about yourself is one of the hardest things to […]

5 Ways to Improve Your About Page

Get A Better About Page Tip 1 from Amber Lea Russell Copywriter

Copywriting for Creatives “Ohhh, copywriting for creatives. That’s cool. So what exactly is that?”  Since launching this writing gig as a full-time biz, this question has been thrown at me at least 6,578 times. Give or take a few. Yeah, I get it. Unless you are writing copy (or being told by your website developer […]

Writing for Creatives

Woman sits on a step with an open laptop and her labradoodle beside her.

Books Worth Reading Again and Again Have you ever played that ice-breaker, Three Books You’d Want to Have With You on a Deserted Island? Naturally, our minds jump to books worth reading again and again. My answers always change based on the books that are influencing me at the moment. Here is a list of […]

Books Worth Reading Again and Again

Woman reading a book of poems

Thoughts On Finding Your Voice When I was a girl, my daddy used to tell people that I had a high daily word quota. It was his loving way of saying that I talked a lot. And I did. I suppose I still do in the right circumstances, but being the one doing all the […]

Thoughts on Finding Your Voice

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