As a business, you want to make it pretty dang easy to be found.



And I know a bit about finding your voice. I used to be opera singer... 


Are you trapped in the brand identity cycle that comes with creative entrepreneurship?

You work hard to fit into your field but the more you fit in...the harder it is for people to find you.

Friend, it's time to find your voice so your brand message stops getting lost.

IT starts with finding your voice


Website Copy

Personality driven web copy for classy brands who like a little sass on the side. 


brand strategy

You know what to say, but it's time to get others talking about your brand too. 


1-1 mentoring

DIY is all the rage, but doing it well...now that's a skill in itself. I'm here to help. 

Starting at $1500

Day to day tasks have taken over the driver's seat in your business, while your brand's personality and purpose are strapped in to the back seat along for the ride.  It's time to let your story drive your brand with strategic messaging aligned to your mission and custom tailored to your voice. 

Brand Strategy Coaching 


I've got other skills too -
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Starting at $3000

You've poured everything you have into this dream you are pursuing. Time. Money. Countless bags of Cheetos...but now it is time to brush off those cheese dusted fingers and get to typing. 
But each flash of the cursor on the blank screen mocks you as your mind grapples for the right words. Give that delete key a rest. I'm here to help. 

Website Copy


The Pricing

I like to stay in my lane (and, in particular, dislike writing) so finding a quality copywriter to join my team was a priority. Beyond being a talented writer, they had to be easy to work with, efficient, have the ability to work independently and write copy matching our brand, while having fun doing it. From day one, Amber checked all of the boxes….and more. Given several simple bullet points, she has an uncanny ability to deliver thoughtfully researched and well written copy that needs so little, if any, edits saving me time and energy. She’s a genuine asset to our team!

“Amber has an uncanny ability to deliver thoughtfully researched and well written copy”

-Paula Parisotto

She really paid attention to who I was and what I was trying to do with my work. She made it all seamless and easy, and even walked me through some technical stuff on my site I didn't know that had nothing to do with her copywriting. I'm so excited for the launch!

“Working with Amber Lea was great in every way”

- Aaron Kes

Hey, that's Me!

Sometimes the best way to get it done, is to let someone else do it.


The internet's a noisy place. When your brand says something with impact, people notice. 

Now that you've got 'em to your site...you have 8 seconds to keep them there.
So what are you going say that makes them stay?

Words matter. How you use them matters more. 

Arizona & worldwide




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