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Being in business for myself over the last 13 years, I have tried several platforms. Seven years ago, I found Showit and never looked back. Intuitive platform, no coding, and unparalleled support - what more can you ask for?

All Things Websites & Branding.

Brand & Website Design


Tonic Site Shop

Gorgeous website designs named after delicious cocktails? Sign me up! Sometimes I go browse their site when I need a little artistic inspo - it's like browsing Restoration Hardware but for websites! PS. My site is one of their creations! 


Amanda Mays Designs

She’s got heart, skills, and is wicked fast! Passion is her fuel and I have loved collaborating with her on both client and personal work. Looking to get your site published fast, Amanda is your girl!


Davey & Krista

Clean minimalist designs with gorgeous font treatments and innovative approaches to content layout. Their designs are beautiful and they are a dream to work with!


Rachael Earl Designs

This lady knows design. She is one of the O.G. designers on Showit and knows how to take care of people like no other! If a hands-on approach is your thing, Rachael’s got you covered.


Gillian Sarah Design

Her designs are infused with a sweet touch that clearly comes from the designer herself. She is so knowledgeable and approachable, you will love working with her as much you’ll love your website!

Business Coaching 

 Kim Butler and her team of coaches have been in my corner for over three years. And when I say in my corner, Kim has fought for me -  helping me through some of my greatest breakthroughs - not just in business but also in my life. I can’t say enough about having a coach and Kim is the best!

The Whiteboard Room

If you are looking to shine a light on your business and find what sparks joy for you as an entrepreneur then Christa is a lighthouse! She knows how to hone in on your strengths so you can build a solid foundation and move your business forward with intention.

Christa Molter




Mary Marantz 

If you are like me, podcasts are one of my favorite ways to consume content. From inspiration to practical business support for the entrepreneur - these are a few that I listen to on the regular. 


Brands That Book


The Online Business Show

Must Listen Podcasts


She talks a little bit business, a little bit life, and a whole lot of learning how to take what feels messy and broken and turn it into something beautiful!

Building brands that book is the theme and it covers just about everything you can think of for crafting a brand that stands out in your industry. 

Tyler McCall should call this The Online Business School because he shows up each episode to TEACH. It's jam packed with content that truly helps entrepreneurs.

My love for all things Donald Miller started with reading Blue Like Jazz over twelve years ago. Naturally, when he launched a business book, I scooped that up too (it’s what you do when your favorite author releases a new book). His words have been one of the single most impactful resources I have used in my business and his Business Made Simple University is a gold mine of business wisdom.

 Business Made Simple

Donald Miller 

When I started my first LLC in Photography Justin and Mary were a photography team that I looked to for business guidance and inspiration. Their courses aren’t just for photographers, they are applicable to all small businesses. As a consumer of multiple courses over the years, I can honestly say that theirs are the only ones I have ever finished. 

Business Collection

Justin & Mary

Business Courses


Social Squares

Stock Image Sources



Dahlia Orth

Systems & Automation Expert


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The internet's a noisy place. When your brand says something with impact, people notice. 

Now that you've got 'em to your have 8 seconds to keep them there.
So what are you going say that makes them stay?

Words matter. How you use them matters more. 

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