Attracting my ideal customer was so hard, but then I met Amber and let’s just say that this pool is pretty crowded now. From copy that not only converts, but puts your voice above all, anyone will hear your story, even if you’re under the sea. I will literally never write about myself again… and though you may laugh, it’s the damn truth!

“I’ve officially been AMBERFIED!”

-Chanel Lauren of Born to Beach

My CLIENTS SAY nice things

A little caveat

Look, I have to be honest, I'm going to ask you to write. *gasp* Deep breaths. Here's the good news...I'm the only one who'll read it. We'll start by taking you through some verbal branding worksheets created to help guide the tone, voice and over all message for your brand. 

Collaboration goes a long way

I can churn out copy, but that's not what's going to get you noticed. These may be my words we're using, but the message should sound like it comes from you. Which means we're going to get cozy for bit while we nail down copy that has you saying, "Yep. That's totally me."

let's get started

NEXt >

Which is why it's so important that your brand message lets your client feel seen. We aren't writing a sales pitch, we are telling a story. Not just any story. YOUR STORY. And when a potential client finds themselves in the midst of your story, well that's where the magic happens. 

People really hate being sold to.


NEXt >

Is connecting with the people that need to hear your message.  

The thing making your product and service stand out, that bit of je ne sais quoi , if you will is YOU. The world may have seen your product before, but they haven't heard your story. So what are you waiting for? Let's get to sharing! 

The best part of finding your voice...


Wondering how to know if this is a fit for you?


Your Delete key is wearing out

Your backspace key has been used and abused as you try to write that about page. While your punctuation is totally on point, the content is about as dry and flavorless as microwave pizza. Toss that bland stuff and see what I can cook up for ya. I have lots of words, and they are totally yummy. 


You have that Ideal Client avatar on Lock

But now what? I'll help you make sense of your clients deepest wants and needs, so that your brand message has them thinking you're a mind reader!


you've been sitting on this rebrand for 6 months longer than intended

We've all been there...bought the sexy new template on Black Friday, only to sit on it for the next year, because OMG no one told you how hard writing about yourself was going to be.  


The first step to telling your story, is to start.
Look at you, sitting here, three pages into a copywriter's website.
It's probably a sign you're ready to do this thing.

Get the words on the page.
Have a brand that makes you're proud to share your website.
 Know what to say when people ask what it is you do.

And with that crossed off your list, you can get back to the important things, like date nights, binging Netflix, and browsing Google for cheap flights to Paris. 


So what do you say?

 You can feel me out over a discovery call and see if I'm a good fit. Sort of a try before you buy kind of deal. 

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The internet's a noisy place. When your brand says something with impact, people notice. 

Now that you've got 'em to your have 8 seconds to keep them there.
So what are you going say that makes them stay?

Words matter. How you use them matters more. 

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